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Have you seen the abandoned cars, lined side to side with the walls of the Police Station just up your house.
Have you ever realised that someday, those cars had people in it, breathing homo sapiens like you and me, with same dreams and aspirations like us.
The four wheeler, the father used to take on Sunday mornings to take her daughter for the tennis classes and the boy for football, and come home after grocery shopping with hopes that the mother will cook something special for the three children.
And, in of those days, they all were once traveling to their best friend’s wedding night and another person, with an over inflated ego, like a pot overflowing with water, and bloodstreams filled with the compound, Ch3ch2oh banged his Audi with a devil’s no. plate and you know what followed next. And by the way he turned out to be an ACP’s son which your father might be acquainted with but you don’t have to think about the injustice, either way.


Remember the eyes of the beautiful girl, she was all about crazy adventures, helping us all with calculus, and always stretching the hand for help.
But, from that date which I forgot and which became the suicide date for her character was the day she stopped talking to us all, flunked in algebra, changed schools and cities and till now I regularly search for her online on Friendship Day, hoping to find her. She was a true friend in the end. What must have happened to her, but after a few years, I received an email from her.
She was molested, by her own family member, a distant cousin, not once but for years. And it’s hard, when you consider someone as your brother when you hug him but he sees you as a piece of meat, and although no one knows at the age of 16 about the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Bill, but it’s saddening, what have we come down to.
Fifty three percent of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse. And to parents, try listening to your kids about matters which challenges your beliefs and stature in the society, a life is more important than the reputation in front of your neighbor who comes to visit you when you get your paycheck, let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods.And for girls, this is the 21st century, if someone should be inspired by the movie Pink, and PV Sindhu, it should be you, the power you have!
Since the age of 12, me and my mother used to plant saplings of Peace Lily, it’s a plant which purifies the surrounding air and gives more oxygen, thus peace in today’s time.
And now that I’m 21, after 9 years of starting the ritual and having four of these plants in my house, my mother has become asthmatic and my father’s immunity has decreased, as he continued his morning walks, the industries kept there death dance going, O2 changed to CO2 then CO changing to OF2.
Not even my precious lilies could fight this uneven war, and I started hating Diwali nights,the guy who loved light and belief in the mythic stories, but my pet dog Flash went mad with the noise created by you all, with Modi Ji ke Patake and Lalu ji Ki Phuljhaddi, and let’s not even talk about my mother’s asthma attacks like many other individuals suffering from various breathing problems. Aren’t you just happy lighting diyas and exchanging gifts with each other, wearing your favorite coloured kurta your girlfriend bought for you. But, as always, I forget, we are human beings, the greediest of the greedy.
Nobody questioned me as to why I like paneer ki sabji more than sarso ka saag, why I like Rahman more than Rihanna then who are you to tell me that I should only fall in love with a woman, we are all gay men as gay it can be. Sexuality is like a fluid my friends, if you want to judge somebody, judge him how he treats the poor, judge him how he treats his mother, judge him but still, don’t kill him, and let love be the pathway for the lost souls.
We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.


An average woman will spend 3500 freaking days just menstruating, the nicknames for a menstrual period include I’m at a Red Light, Surfing the Crimson Tide, Curse of Dracula. Comedians I tell you these days, but the biggest comic trick was played by our very own ancient Vedic seers; as in the Hindu faith, menstruating women are traditionally considered ritually impure, women themselves are seen as polluted, often isolated as untouchables, not allowed in temples, unable to return to their family, for the length of their period. Have a laugh at that I say, calling myself a Hindu is a task sometimes! And to all men, just imagine bleeding while you are running around handling the chores of the day, feeling like a desk is pushed out your arseholes, woman, the strongest of creatures I say!

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