The New Life

The world we are living in, the 21st century, after years of trial and tribulation we have started to dream a different dream, flowers bloom from old grenade shells, the sparrows are back; dancing in the sky, the sun shines brighter than before as if drumming a jazz tune.

We have struggled, following the same status quo, school->college->job->marriage and the many different actions circling in this whirlpool; named convention. Human beings have been governed long enough by brute force than logic, the creative self has been hidden, and the men wearing suit-tie have always spoken as the harbinger of change.

There is a new dawn, the one shaping the next generation of homo-sapiens to come, not the rising of the apes but the “human” finally realising his true value and potential, amidst the storm and the dark night. The number of people doing unique things are rising as you look out the window, staring at that kid kicking the ball, one might argue of the fact that as humans, we are bound to evolve and cross records as rabbits to turtles but that’s not what’s been highlighted here.

We are inventing new particles, there is a new dance form for the disabled, my Grand Pa teaches Yoga to people, jobs are being created rather than being taken from someone; thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit, the number of successful entrepreneurs are rising like a new tide in the same ocean which has never witnessed such heights.

The knowledge feed is crossing bounds, people of different nationalities are coming together,Indians weep for the Palestinians, workers are becoming whistleblowers #NewRegimeOfTransparency, students are turning out to be world leaders and shaping the world as we see it, stepping and living on Mars will be a reality in a couple of decades, respected careers are collapsing and freelancers are founding the organisations of tomorrow, our specie can be genetically modified soon; at least I will remember the name of my grand children when I turn 100; thanks to technology.

There is only one humble request, whatever you’re doing, stop, pause, think for a moment, wait for the realisation to occur, and once the moment of bliss arrives, afterwards the only way is up!

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